My old pal Curtis Daftari has been trying to book the Ringos for round about 25 years. He succeeded and we played Buffalo Run Casino’s Trailer Park Lounge all the way north almost to Canada in Miami, OK. It was tons of fun and I think we passed the audition. Even if we didn’t, it was a righteous good time and those are too hard to come by.

Prior to our current run of shows, The Ringos have been sporadic for the past few years. We’ve endured the typical show business glitches, crooked managers stealing everything except our massive tax debt, prison, the time we spent underground in Grady county before being exiled to Costa Rica which, honestly, was a step up. It was the usual VH1 Behind the Music rock and roll stuff.

However, now things are rolling. Imagine that, a Casino! Seriously, all the above mentioned trials and tribulations are mostly true. Perhaps we’ve lived these past few years under slightly more mundane circumstances, but our trials and tribulations come with all the difficulty such things have.

The truest of the true things are that we had a swell time and Curtis is a righteous dude.

And, a casino, imagine that! It seems like We’ve Only Just Begun (cue The Carpenters).

Here’s a demo of some new stuff we’re working on. Its yet another from the Barn sessions that got left behind. Don’t ask what it’s about. That’s the sort of thing that got us in trouble and we’re all on the straight and narrow now. Really, I swear.