Its the dog days of summer, friends. Can’t you see an old hound lying under the porch trying to stay cool? That’s what I think always think of and I tend to think of myself right there under the porch next to the poor puppy, trying in vain to stay cool but not doing much aside from panting with my tongue hanging out.

Evidently, the Dog Days have something to do with astronomy. When the Dog Stars are most visible in the night sky coincides with temperatures that only mad dogs and Englishmen are fool enough to endure.

The Ringos and all right thinking people are going to be at the Deli, guzzling cold beverages and trying as much as possible to stay out of the heat.

That’s a good idea, don’tcha think?

The flyer has more of an astrology theme which has nothing to do with dogs, the summer heat, or the stars. I suppose some folks equate the stars with Ouija boards and horoscopes, but I’m just thinking about playing with the band and being cool in all the ways we generally are.