One of the places we’ve been. Some of the stuff we’ve been up to.

Where are we? Here, now. We’ve been other places and including around the block a few times. Along the way, we’ve been mastering space and time. Time is everything and space in infinite. Can you dig that? After 28 years down this road, we’re still doing our best to seed the earth with subversive ideas,  hard luck stories, and sounds–sounds of angels, devils, and everything in between. We’re here, now, slaying dragons, making dreams come true, and making new music for that nation of fans we can’t let down.

That’s it. Like it, don’t like it, make fun of our shoes, we’re not gonna tell you what to do. Hop on and take a ride. It’ll probably be fun. If it isn’t fun then maybe we’ll settle for getting stinking drunk and see where that leads.